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ISO based management systems

We build quality, optimization and excellence into your organization’s operations Management System is documented and verified systematic method aimed at smooth functioning through standard practices. Our firm provides client-based consultancy for the implementation of ISO based management systems that guarantee service consistency, competitiveness customer satisfaction, safety, and efficiency. • ISO 9001-Quality Management System • ISO 14001-Environmental Management • ISO 22000–Food Safety Management • ISO 50001-Energy Management and •HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)

The Balanced Scorecard

We make the execution of strategy and measurement of performance easier A globally powerful management tool, the BSC assists organizations in overcoming fundamental problems associated with effectively measuring organizational performance and successfully implementing strategy. Our firm supports the installation of a solution-directed BSC that balances the historical accuracy and integrity of financial numbers with the drivers of future success.

Employee Engagement Survey

We believe that engaged employees are at the core of your company’s success. Our consultancy helps you to have passionate and determined workforce. Disengagement-lack of individual’s sense of purpose and focused energy, of personal initiative, adaptability, effort, and persistence directed toward organizational goals-has long grown a global problem. Our firm, by conducting EES, measures the level of disengagement and proposes a solution to alleviate it.

Lean Six Sigma

We ensure the manufacture of high quality product with zero delivery time It is a methodology that maximizes revenue by removing waste and product variation from manufacturing service and design processes. Implementation of Lean-six sigma results in increased customer and employee satisfaction, reduced cost, and increased competitive advantage.

Strategic Plan

We will enable your company to think, plan and act strategically. A strategic plan is a management tool that serves the purpose of helping an organization to realize its maximum potential. By focusing the energy, resources, and time of everyone in the organization in the same direction, it spells out where an organization is going over the next year or more and how it’s going to get there. Our consultancy provides a value-based assistance in facilitating and crafting a plan that radically transforms the performance of an organization.


We intend to conduct researches and studies on wide range of themes in collaboration with research institutes and individual researchers.


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